Moose Hunting

For an excellent moose hunting territory, Wapus is the place. Our territories cover approximately 10 square kilometres. Whether you prefer territories with small bodies of water, roads, open areas, we will advise you on the territories most suitable for you. You also have the possibility of visiting the territory which interests you during the season. We make sure all trails are done before you arrive and we supply boats or canoes on most bodies of water. Given the high success rate, it is important to let us know of your plans as soon as possible.

For many years we have shown foresight by the logical way in which we have exploited our territory. In fact, at Wapus you may shoot only one moose per territory. We presume that our clients share our view because 90% of our hunters return year after year.

Having exclusive rights on our territory you have the possibility of purchasing your license at the main lodge even if the hunting season has already begun. You can also hunt our territory even if you have previously hunted in a different zone without success.

References are available on demand.

Territory map