Walleye, Northern Pike, Speckled Trout and Lake Trout

The fishing season begins mid May and lasts through September.

Many cabins are located on various bodies of water and are used for fishing as well as for hunting.
If you have chosen an outpost cabin, we will give you a map indicating the best fishing spots. If your cabin is only accessible by plane, our air transporter will fly you there, safely.

You have the possibility of flying to remote lakes, otherwise inaccessible, where the fishing is simply excellent.

Here are a few outpost camps to consider :

Pike and walleye

Accessible by plane, ATV or 4x4 truck.

Sloe lake is known for its abundant walleye and excellent pike fishing. The cabin can accommodate up to 8 people and offers much more than the basic accommodations, such as running water, inside shower and toilet, separate rooms and fully equipped kitchen. Recently renovated and converted to solar.

Forecast also offers excellent walleye fishing. It is a cabin for 4 people with equipped kitchen, patio door, one separate room and an outhouse.

Ceizur lake is known to inhabit monster pike and walleye. You are assured tranquility with your own private lake for your stay.
Accessible by plane, 4x4 truck or portage.

Kerrigan lake should be your choice if you are looking for a lake that's never been fished and are hoping to catch nice pike. From Kerrigan you can hike to Rondo. portager au lac Rondo.

Accessible by car

McLennan lake has three cabins situated at different extremities of the lake all accessible by boat. If you enjoy fishing different species without having to change lakes and move around too much, this lake is of good size, has beautiful scenery and allows you to fish walleye, pike and lake trout.

McArthur lake offers the possibility of being lodged in a quiet outpost cabin while being close to the main lodge. Situated on a beautiful sandy beach, this solar efficiency cabin can lodge up to 8 people with two bedrooms, indoor shower and toilet, full kitchen and screened in porch. Being one of our most productive lake, you must reserve as soon as possible.

Poliquin and Alexander lake are both situated at approximately 15 minutes from the main lodge. They are both well known for their excellent quality of fish.

Lake trout

Accessible by plane, ATV or 4x4 truck

Wapus lake offers laketrout with red meat like you have never seen. The cabin can accommodate up to 8 people and has been completely renovated with a splendid decoration. It is situated on a magnificent cape of rock and offers complete luxury with inside bathroom, shower and sun room. From lake Wapus you can also portage to Bunny, for big pike.

Sheirbeck` lake is only a portage away from McLennan or 1.5 hour drive from the main lodge. You can therefore go for the day or spend a few days in a newly built cabin with a beautiful view. You can fish nice lake trout with red meat or you have the possibility of fishing the Wapus river for pike.

Accessible by car

McLennan lake is the place to consider for lake trout. Even the first timers will have no trouble catching some. This lake which is over 200 feet deep at some areas inhabits trout that weigh up to 30 pounds. There are three cabins situated at different extremities of the lake all accessible by boat. If you enjoy fishing several species without too much travelling you will enjoy this good sized lake with its walleye, pike and lake trout.

Speckled trout

Montgomery lake is accessible by portage or by sea plane. It is situated at the top of a mountain and offers the best quality of pure water and trout weighing up to 3 pounds and more.

Benson lake is accessible by sea plane or ATV. It is the ideal place if you are looking for quietness and wish to see no one for a few days. The lake has been fished only several times and offers a good quantity of speckled trout.

Degaule, now accessible to all, can accommodate up to 4 people in a newly built cabin. This is the ideal place for people hooked on speckle trout.

All terrain vehicles ( ATV ) and Portage

All the lakes mentioned above have cabins to accommodate you but there are several other lakes accessible for you by portage or ATV. For those of you who enjoy ATV's, you will find pleasure in combining both fishing and riding. It is however restricted to ride on the site of the main lodge.

The different lakes accessible either by portage, ATV or both are the following : Lake Patten, for pike and walleye ; Rachel, Rondo and Bunny, for pike ;Smutt, Picard, Jean Pagé and Three Sisters, for speckled trout. Refer to the map for their location.

Family Vacation

Given the comfort of the cabins at Wapus, more and more families are present. While you initiate some of the kids to the secrets of fishing, other members of the family might prefer the heated and in ground pool...
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