A few stories...

Sloe Lake... Sloe is sure.!

We have been flying with Air Wapus for our annual fishing trip for seven years now. This year we experienced a new territory close to the main lodge, "Sloe" lake.

The quality of fishing on this lake is exceptional. It is abundant of our favourite fish; walleye. Nothing is more pleasant than eating it fresh when it has just been captured.

During our trip, we were lodged in a cabin that offered much more than the basic accommodations required (running water, inside shower and toilet, separate rooms and a fully equipped kitchen). To crown it all, it was the only cabin on the lake. No need to say the exclusivity of the territory was overwhelming.

I would like to conclude by wishing to all the sports fishermen the opportunity of experiencing such a trip and the pleasure of meeting the family at Wapus Lodge.

See you next year !

Marianne Lyrette

A day on Ceizur

Perhaps the best way to describe lake Ceizur is to recount my first day of fishing on these waters. My wife and I decided to try a "fly-in" trip during our stay at Wapus Lodge. We had come to Ceizur in the hope of catching the monster walleye and northern pike that were said to inhabit these waters.

Our first sight of the cabin on lake Ceizur came a few minutes after take-off from the base. The cabin was equipped with gas appliances and all of the necessary cooking utensils. During the morning we caught walleye of different sizes up to about 6 lbs. On many occasions we were playing with two fish at the same time.

The sudden forceful pull on the line told us that this was the size we wanted. The steadfast refusal of the fish to leave the bottom told us that he was likely a walleye. It was nearly half an hour later before we saw the dark back and golden sides if the this magnificent fish which weighed 12 pounds. We held a brief photo session and quickly returned the fish to the waters which is the policy for this lake for walleye over 3 pounds.

Within ten minutes of releasing him we had tied into another fish that provided us with a similar fight. He weighed in at 11 pounds before he was released. The last large walleye that we boated weighed 9 pounds and the rest varied in weight up to that size. We were grinning from ear to ear as we went back to meet the plane.

Mark Rosebush

Springtime trout at Wapus

The difference between a regular sized trout and one which is megasized, may simply be a question of timing. If we set aside the factor of luck for a moment, then the absolute, very best time to consistently catch these monstrous-sized lake and speckled trout is during the three week period, once ice disappears from the lakes.

At Wapus, lakes such as Sheirbeck and Wapus have an abundance of lakers in the 8-14 lbs. range and on McLennan, which also supports other species of fish, we regularly see lake trout which scale in at twenty-five pounds.

While some anglers fish for lake trout, others set out to different lakes in search of speckled trout. The Wapus territory is unique in that many of their lakes are located on the tops of the surrounding mountains, a feature which allows them to remain pure and unspoiled. Lakes such as Benson, Picard, Smutt, Montgomery and Jean-Pagé contain only speckled trout, many of which reach 3 lbs. and more.

One of the reasons why there are such large speckled trout at Wapus, is that these lakes have been carefully managed for many years to pro-mote the growth of trophy-sized fish. On most of the speckled trout lakes, you are asked to limit your catch by keeping only one or two trophy fish and releasing the others.

At Wapus, an angler has a reasonable opportunity to go out and battle with one of these giants.

Good fishing, 

Roman Jaskolski.

Trip on paradise

My brother Doug & I have been on three trips now to you're paradise. The fishing got better with each trip. Is it possible to get better that last May? In the first hour of fishing Doug caught an 18 lb pike then a 14 ½ pounder. We thought these would be the biggest of the week, wrong! Two days later I pulled ou a 24 lb & a 22 lb northern! Doug got one 20 ½ & another 14 ½ lbs. Amazing!

Our catch list for the week: 24 lbs, 22 lbs, 20 ½ lbs, 18 lbs, 14 ½ lbs x 2, 12 ¾ lbs, 12 ½ lbs, 9 ½ lbs x 2 & about 200 other pike from 8 lbs down to little hammer handles. Plus a dozen walleye one evening 1 to 3 lbs. We proud to let you know all fish were released other than two small pike. We know we catch a lot of fish here so our strategy is to release all because you're bound to get the odd one hooked badly. That's the one we keep for shore lunch.

Thanks you once again fot the fantastic fishing!

`keith Renaud, Ontario